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Botoxbehandlung im Bereich der Augen und Zornesfalte*

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Welcome to the private practices at Areion, your centre of excellence for specialist and aesthetic medicine in Neu-Ulm. This website provides basic information about the specialised treatments available at Areion-Center. It also introduces the individual specialist clinics and the doctors, who work closely together to provide the best possible patient care.

Please note that this information is of a general nature and cannot replace an individual consultation. The experienced specialists at Areion-Center will be happy to advise and discuss your treatment options in depth at a personal consultation.

About Areion

This website introduces you to the private practices for specialist and aesthetic medicine for the head, neck, face, eyes and skin. You will be exclusively cared for by highly qualified specialists at the state-of-the-art practices in Neu-Ulm. The multidisciplinary team of experienced specialists work together closely to achieve the best possible results. This means that you can be seen and treated by different specialists at any time. The benefit to you as a patient is comprehensive, targeted diagnosis and a tailored treatment plan, especially in the case of complex medical conditions.

The practices at Areion-Center are your private centre of excellence for specialised medicine of the highest quality. Privately insured and self-paying patients are charged for medically necessary examinations and treatment in a clear and transparent manner according to the German medical fee schedule (GOÄ). All cosmetic and aesthetic surgical treatments are billed according to a defined schedule that is based on the GOÄ. You always receive a tailored cost estimate for cosmetic and aesthetic surgical treatments.

The head and throat specialists

This practice offers a wide range of specialist medical services – from otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat medicine), ophthalmology and dermatology to aesthetic medicine in these areas.

The ear, nose and throat practitioners’ areas of specialisation include nasal and sinus conditions, allergy-related complaints and cosmetic surgery to the throat, head and face. The ophthalmologists cover the entire spectrum of eye medicine, from treating dry eye syndrome to refractive surgery (e.g. implantable contact lenses). The dermatologists offer all options from cosmetic aesthetic treatments to laser skin therapy. Areion-Center also has an anaplastology and epithetics center as well as a cosmetics center.

Aesthetic medicine for discerning patients

You will receive highly personalised consultation from the very start – your specialist of choice will openly discuss your case and all reasonable treatment options from a medical perspective. In addition, you can expect an atmosphere of mutual trust and absolute discretion every time you visit. All patients at Areion-Center have access to exclusive underground parking spaces that cannot be seen from the outside. From here, it is only a few steps to the elevator, which directly takes you to the practice.

State-of-the-art surgical centre

The doctors at Areion-Center perform surgical procedures at Donauklinik Neu-Ulm and Tagesklinik Söflingen (day clinic). These modern clinics offer first-class medical facilities for patient-oriented surgery. The clinics’ anaesthetists and nurses have worked together with the surgeons at Areion-Center for many years now and together ensure high patient safety.

Pleasant atmosphere and full service

Areion-Center is located in a modern building in the Neu-Ulm Kunstpark (“art park”) on Reuttier Str. The building was planned with a focus on very good transport connections, state-of-the-art architecture with light and airy rooms and a unique, inspiring environment – we have an art gallery and sculpture park on our doorstep.

Our friendly team will be happy to organise your travel arrangements and/or your accommodation at your request. We cooperate with distinguished hotels an will be happy to organise a shuttle service for convenient transport between your hotel, train station or airport and Areion.